Research and Projects


Prof. Dr. Gülden Güvenç:

1) "Representation of intra-family relations and self perception of two generation male and female family members in Urfa: Monitoring narratives after a period of 10 years" since June 2014 with Prof. Serpil Altuntek
(Süleyman Demirel Üniversitesi, Isparta).

2) "The Psychology of Patriarchy: New Approaches to Issues of Accommodation and Resistance," an edited book project that will be based on a seminar in 19-23 April, 2015 at the School of Advanced Research in
Santa Fe, New Mexico in the United States with Prof. Holly Mathews, Prof. Adriana Manago (organizers) and 10 other invited scholars from different countries. I was invited to join the project in September 2014.