Akademik Executive MBA (Thesis/Non Thesis, EN)

Executive MBA (Thesis/Non Thesis, EN)


Head of the Program
Prof. S. Saygın Eyüpgiller

Prof. Murat Ferman
Prof. Toker Dereli
Prof. Mehmet Kaytaz
Prof. Emre Gönensay
Prof. Mehmet Emin Karaaslan
Prof. Aydın Yüksel
Prof. Suat Teker
Prof. Dilek Teker
Assoc. Prof. Mısra Çağla Gül
Assist. Prof. Gamze Karayaz
Assist. Prof. A. Hakan Yüksel
Assist. Prof. Pınar Falcıoğlu
Assist. Prof. Y. Pınar Soykut Sarıca
Assist. Prof. Aslı Tuncay Çelikel
Assist. Prof. Özlem İnanç

Executive MBA Program
IŞIK – Executive MBA offers professionals the opportunity to learn about the managerial traits required to create an innovative business environment. The design of the program enables students to develop skills essential to successful business management. The program provides exposure to contemporary business dynamics utilizing real-life cases.

Executive MBA (with thesis) is a 2-year program. To satisfy the graduation requirements, students should earn 24 credits by successfully completing nine courses (six required courses, two elective courses, and a non-credit seminar course) and a Master's Thesis. Students write a Master Thesis in the field of Business Administration under the supervision of an academic advisor and present their work in front of a jury at the end of the semester.

Executive MBA (non-thesis) is a 12-month program. To satisfy the graduation requirements, students should earn 30 credits by successfully completing ten courses (seven required, three elective) and a term project. The term project is conducted under the supervision of an academic advisor.

Who should attend?
IŞIK's Executive MBA is designed for professionals who aim to accelerate their career without their work schedule being interrupted. The program includes essential knowledge for professionals from diverse sectors who would like to keep up with the current paradigms in business life. In-class discussions are particularly encouraged, as they are essential for receiving multiple perspectives for business problems.

Why Choose IŞIK's Executive MBA?
The program offers opportunities to:

  • take advantage of in-depth business training while continuing to work,
  • easy access to Campus via taking the subway, (Maslak metro),
  • take courses in classes with an optimum number of students consisting mostly of professionals from multi-disciplinary backgrounds.