Program Outcomes


    Program Outcomes
  1. Possess in-depth knowledge about the fundamental concepts and theories of the discipline of International Relations
  2. Be aware of the theoretical approaches related to the issues of the system, nation-state, institutions, culture, and power in world politics
  3. Follow closely the contemporary world conjuncture
  4. Be able to question the well-established knowledge and causal relationships in the field of International Relations
  5. Be aware of the shortcomings and gaps in the International Relations literature and be able to carry out research that addresses these gaps and shortcomings
  6. Comprehend various scientific research methods and be able to use these methods effectively
  7. Be able to produce an original, scientific study in the field of International Relations
  8. Be able to think independently, creatively, and critically
  9. Embrace work ethics and behave accordingly
  10. Be open-minded towards new phenomena that emerge in world politics and the politics of states
  11. Have self confidence and acquire the ability to deliver presentations in public
  12. Be able to work together with individuals from different cultures, beliefs, and opinions