Yabancı Diller Okulu (SFL)
Akademik Regulations



The EFL Program Regulations

Objective and Description
Clause 1- The objective of this policy is to determine the principles to be applied to the English Language Instruction and Examinations of the Prep Program of the English as a Foreign Language Department at Işık University.

Clause 2- In this policy, hereinafter Işık University will be referred to as "University," Işık University Senate as "Senate," EFL Program Chair as "Program Chair," EFL Preparatory Program as "Prep Program," and the Işık University Proficiency Examination as "Proficiency Exam." Objective of the Prep Program

Clause 3- The objective of the Prep Program is to assist students without adequate language skills to gain proficiency in the English language in order to be able to study at the University where all courses are conducted in English.

Proficiency Examination
Clause 4- A two-stage proficiency examination is given by the Program Chair to new students at the beginning of the academic year for which they have enrolled.

The first stage of the proficiency exam is a placement test. All students must take this. Students who get a score lower than 60 percent are placed into the Prep Program according to their grades; those who get a score over 60 percent qualify for the second stage of the examination.

The second stage of the proficiency exam has the same structure as the exit exam and consists of two parts: multiple choice and writing skills.

Students who score a mathematical average of 70 percent or over, from all parts of the proficiency exam, are held exempt from the Prep Program and are admitted to the Freshman program for which they have enrolled. Those who score lower than 70 percent are placed in the Prep Program according to their level.

Clause 5- The Program Chair decides, within the general principles of the Senate, what certificates and scores of international proficiency tests would suffice to qualify for an exemption from the Prep Program, should there be applications for it.

Students whose international test certificates do not qualify for an exemption and those enrolling at the University after having studied in prep programs at universities abroad must take the proficiency exam. Students who successfully complete their prep program have a right to be exempted from the Prep Program if they take the LYS exam and register to another department/faculty of Işık University.

When The students who have successfully completed prep school enroll to another program of University by entering LYS exam then their English Proficiency exams are valid.

English Language Instruction and Examination Principles
Clause 6- Prep students are placed in groups (tracks 1- 3) appropriate for their level which is determined by the criteria set by the Examination Evaluation Commission of the Program Chair.

Clause 7- English Instruction in the Prep Program is carried out on an academic-year basis. An academic year consists of two semesters, with 70 working days each. There is a two week break between the two semesters.

Clause 8- The classes to be taught in the Prep Program, their weekly hours, and the academic calendar are decided by the Program Chair upon approval by the Senate.

Clause 9- Attendance of classes in the Prep Program is compulsory. Absence from classes must not exceed 10 percent of the total number of class hours. Students with more absent hours than permitted are not allowed to take the exit exam in June; they are, however, allowed to take the resit exam. The medical reports for absences submitted by prep students will be valid for only midterm, final and exit exams, according to the definitions stated in Clause 29 of Degree Training.

Clause 10- Prep students are given at least two midterm and two final exams, an exit exam at the end of the year and for those who fail it, a resit exam. Apart from these, they may be assessed with quizzes and homework assignments. With the approval of the Program Chair, examinations may be written or oral.

Clause 11- Students who qualified for the exit exam but could not take it and those who took the exam but failed it are offered a resit exam before the upcoming semester. A seven week summer program of intensive English is offered to students of all tracks before the resit exam. The tuition fee for this program is determined by the Board of Trustees.

Clause 12- To pass from the Prep Program, a student must have a minimum score of 70 percent in the exit or resit exam, and a score of 70 percent for the average of the first and second semesters. The Program Chair decides what percentage of midterm exams, final exams, exit or resit exams will constitute a passing grade.

Clause 13- An early exit exam is given at the end of the Fall semester. Track 3 students who have an average of at least 70 percent for the Fall semester may take this exam. To qualify, these students must have attended 90 percent of the total class hours. Students who pass this exam are admitted into the freshman class. Students who fail in this exam continue the Prep Program.

Clause 14- Students who fail in the exit and the resit exams may take the proficiency exam with the new students at the beginning of the new academic year. Those who pass this exam are admitted into the freshman program for which they enrolled.

Clause 15- Students who fail in the exit, resit and the proficiency exams mentioned in Clause 14 can take the Proficiency Exam in the coming semesters provided that they write a petition at least one week before the announced Proficiency Exam dates and that they pay the exam fee determined by the Board of Trustees, or they can register for the program and continue their education in the prep program by paying the semester tuition.

Clause 16- Students who miss weekly quizzes or tests receive a grade of "0." Students who miss midterm, final, the exit and resit exams are entitled to take a make-up exam if the University Commission set up for this purpose decides that their excuse is valid and justified. The petition stating the excuse should be submitted to the Program Chair within three days of the first day of absence.

Clause 17- Appeals for the exam results or the program score should be in written form and submitted to the Program Chair within five working days from the date the results are posted. The Examination Evaluation Commission will review the appeal and reach a verdict. Disciplinary Action

Clause 18- Disciplinary action regarding students is carried out in accordance with Clause 54 of the Higher Education Law (No: 2547) and the rules of the Student Disciplinary Regulations of the Institution for Higher Education.

Clause 19- This policy will be put into effect on the date it has been approved by the Board of Trustees.

Clause 20- The rector of Işık University will implement this policy.