Işık University - KAGİDER Partnership Agreement Signed

Işık University - KAGİDER Partnership Agreement Signed


The Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey (KAGIDER) and Isik University launched a project called Pusula – COMPASS in Turkish -- to educate women on how to become entrepreneurs and how to scale-up their businesses globally. This project includes several training modules on innovation and entrepreneurship for aspiring women entrepreneurs and it provides in-depth video tutorials for starting and growing a business. Women entrepreneurs who will successfully complete the training modules will receive certificates signed by Kagider and Isik University.

In a joint meeting with Isik University, during which an MoU was signed, KAGİDER Chairwoman Sanem Oktar said that "..our goal with this program jointly executed with Isik University is to both increase the number of women entrepreneurs and to increase employment rates for women. When we look at the figures in Turkey, we see that there are 108,000 female entrepreneurs. When we look at the employment rate of women, it is only 29 percent." KAGİDER helps women who realize they would like to become entrepreneurs and teach them how to achieve this through education, mentoring and financing.

The association passed the torch of the project to Isik University rector, Prof. Dr. Sirin Tekinay to execute the project in terms of what it will provide educationally.

KAGİDER and the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Isik University, headed by Prof. Dr. Ali Beba, promise to be meticulous in their preparations before making it available to the public.

Prof. Tekinay added that to pave the road for what she termed a "women's solution," university level education for innovation and entrepreneurship is the key.