Isik University – Industry Cooperation is gaining momentum

Isik University – Industry Cooperation is gaining momentum


Isik University signed the MoU with REPKON on to improve R&D

The goal of Işik University is to establish strong university-industry bonds that are real and results-oriented, active and qualitative, while acknowledging the rational use of limited resources. From this point, Işık University and Repkon are moving forward with specific goals by formalizing their long-standing close relationship.

The core purpose of universities is on one hand to provide education and educational services, and on the other hand conducting research in foundational and applied fields. The primary aim of research is to create knowledge as well as to build on existing knowledge. The majority of research taking place at universities is basic research, with a portion of it dedicated to applied research. The notion behind ongoing research is that it discovers solutions to current challenges in industry. In other words, univerisities on one side are responsible educational-teaching activities are designed to train much needed Research-Development (R&D) personnel for industry, and other side, to create through research much needed knowledge for industry.

Işık University and Repkon's ( research-development partnership consists of training R&D personnel via educational programs, along with knowledge exchange.

The Signing Ceremony was attended by Repkon CEO Azer Aran, Sales Director Neşet Özsoy, Concept Design Representative Cem Birol, Fluid Systems and Process Development Representative Güneş Aydin, while Technical Manager, İbrahim Külekçi, presented a detailed overview of their work and projects.​

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