About BITE1001-ITEC1001 Computer Literacy Course

About BITE1001-ITEC1001 Computer Literacy Course


Information about BITE1001/ITEC1001 course and accessing the course materials.

ITEC1001 – Computer Literacy

According to the National Qualifications Framework for Higher Education in Turkey, graduates of engineering programs must be computer literate. That is why, a new requirement named "ITEC1001 – Computer Literacy" has been added to the course programs of the Faculties of Isik University. This course aims to inform students about this requirement.

Basic Information

The basic information you need to know about ITEC1001 is as follows:

  • ITEC1001 is a course which carries 1 credit, and will be graded like the other courses in your transcript.
  • Students are expected to meet the ITEC1001 requirement as soon as possible.


ITEC1001 syllabus is similar to the European Computer Driving License (ECDL). Following are the basic skills expected of students: Computer basics. Web basics. Basic theory and terminology of information technologies. Basic word processing skills like switching languages, typesetting, use of styles, paragraph formatting on a software like Microsoft Word. Basic spreadsheet operations on software like Microsoft Excel. Applying mathematical formulae and calculations, drawing graphics. Preparing presentations.

Application of the test

Below are the details of how the test will be applied:

  • The test for ITEC1001 will be in English.
  • The test is repeated at least once every semester.
  • Students of the School of Foreign Languages may take the test.
  • The test contains multiple-choice questions. Wrong answers do not cancel the right answers.
  • You may use programs like Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint; and Internet Explorer during the test. However, there will be no internet connection.
  • There are 6 question categories in the test.
  • To take the test, you have to register the course ITEC1001 at the beginning of the semester during Course Registrations Week.
  • The test schedule will be announced to students through Blackboard and e-mail messages sent to university e-mail accounts.​

Preparing for the test

Since the syllabus is based on ECDL, you are encouraged to use any ECDL preparation material to practice. ECDL offers a module-based exam and ITEC1001 covers 6 modules: (1) Computer essentials, (2) Word processing, (3) Spreadsheets, (4) Presentation, (5) E-mail, (6) Online essentials. You may follow these e-books through our library's Safari account:

  • "How to Pass ECDL for Microsoft Office 2003" by Paul Holden and Sharon Murphy, from Prentice Hall.
  • "ICDL Exam Cram 2 (Syllabus 4.0)" by Mike Gunderloy and Susan Sales Harkins, from Pearson Certification.
  • You may follow these print books in our library:
  • "Pass ECDL 5 Units 1-7" by Flora R. Heathcote, O.H.U Heathcote, Pat M. Heathcote, Mr R.P. Richards and Alex Sharpe, from Payne-Gallway.
Finally, you may take practice tests prepared for ECDL. Here is a link to such a test in English.


Any inquiry about the ITEC1001 requirement should be directed to Mert İlhan Ecevit or Murat Kaya.

Office: LMF-414 & AMF-204
Phone: 7184 & 7187
E-mail address: mert.ecevit@isikun.edu.tr & murat.kaya@isikun.edu.tr